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7 Surprising Myths About Diabetes and Weight…

What mainstream medicine isn't telling you, but we will!


In 7 Surprising Myths About Diabetes and Weight You’ll Learn:


Why weight loss isn’t necessary to improve your health with diabetes, and why diets may actually be harmful.

You’ve heard that the only way you can control your diabetes or help pre-diabetes is with weight loss, but this simply isn’t true. Many people have been on diet after diet and it’s only contributed to weight gain and didn’t help their blood sugars in the long-term. Learn how making sustainable self-care changes is what really helps, and how you can do it too.


Why you don’t have to give up carbs or do grueling workouts to help manage blood sugars

Good self-care doesn’t have to be unpleasant or difficult. Restrictive diets and punishing workouts can’t be maintained by most people for very long. Food and exercise are a part of self-care for diabetes - learn what actually works, and how you can make changes that work for you.


Why self-care is about so much more than just eating and exercise.

Find out how a whole-health approach can help you positively impact your blood sugars, and get some inspiration about where you can start today.


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You + 7 Surprising Myths About Diabetes And Weight = everything you need to start unlearning shame and get inspired to make positive self-care choices!

Maybe you’ve thought that “getting healthy” has meant a big overhaul in your eating or exercise habits or going on yet another dreary diet losing weight.

Or maybe you’ve blamed yourself for your diagnosis and feel hopeless that any small change you could make won’t be enough to feel better and make a difference in your blood sugars.

Either way, 7 Surprising Myths About Diabetes And Weight will help you reframe your beliefs and feel hopeful about taking the next step toward self-care…. without ever dieting.


After reading 7 Surprising Myths About Diabetes And Weight, we think you’ll:

  • Feel freer from weight loss expectations and body shame.
  • Get clarity on what actually helps to manage blood sugars in a way that feels good, not punishing.
  • Be inspired to make self-care changes that lead to more joy and better well-being -- at any size, shape, or body weight.

A Note From
Rebecca & Glenys...

We are Health At Every Size®️-informed dietitians with a combined 20+ years of experience in behavior counseling and medical nutrition therapy. Together, we possess additional certifications and training in Intuitive Eating counseling, Exercise Physiology, Trauma, Anxiety, Eating Disorders, and Body Image concerns.

Much of what we created in Self-Care for Diabetes was inspired by work we’ve been doing for years with clients who had previously struggled with diets and weight cycling. We believe the offerings in this program can help make your life better -- and none of it requires you to restrict food, over exercise, and pursue weight loss.

This work has been so gratifying for us because we’ve seen the changes in the folks we’ve helped -- less shame and more joy! That’s why we are excited to bring you this revolutionary Self-Care for Diabetes program.

Rebecca Scritchfield & Glenys Royston
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